Forgotten Railroads Through Westchester County


New York Central train at Briarcliff Manor station.

Forgotten Railroads Through Westchester, cover artwork ©2007 Mitchell A. Markovitz

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With a lifespan of a mere quarter-century, the New York, Westchester & Boston Railway was one of the most controversial transportation projects of its time. Backed by financier J.P. Morgan, a new railroad pushed north from the Bronx into the suburban wilds of Westchester County. Touted as the finest example of a modern suburban railway built from the ground up, "The Westchester" was destined for failure. The declining fortunes of its parent, the mighty New Haven railroad, would drag The Westchester into bankruptcy and eventual liquidation. The fascinating photos in this 62-page softcover book tell the story of this unusual project, shrouded in mystery and controversy.

By Robert A. Bang - Edited by Daniel R. Gallo

Chapter 1: A look at the mammoth-size steam shovels used to build the line

Chapter 2: Rare pictures of building the line, stations, cuts, bridges, etc.

Chapter 3: Viaducts— Columbus Avenue and Hutchinson River

Chapter 4: A look at the New York, Westchester & Boston in service

Chapter 5: The NYW&B's destructive ending

Chapter 6: Yesterday and Today; A look back at the railway then and now


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Forgotten Railroads Through Westchester County

"Forgotten Railroads Through Westchester County"

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